In September 2001 Paul Kellet and myself presented our new guitar tool to Steinberg. Wizoo’s Peter Gorges became our producer, and at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2002 a brand new virtual instrument was presented:

Endless recording and editing sessions resulted in the world’s first instrument of its kind; an easy-to-use tool that produces the sound of strumming guitars when you play a chord on your MIDI keyboard. A total of 28.000 hand edited audio files that delivers realistic rhythm guitars ranging from acoustic to electric, from clean to distorted, from ringing to fingerpicking.

14 chords in 12 keys – this is a piece of software that will fit in any song in almost any style. Up to this day, Virtual Guitarist remains one of Steinberg’s best selling VSTi-s.

Later the same year, Thomas Blug produced Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition. He added numerous electric guitars and playing styles. An integrated effects pedalboard was included in this edition.

Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition user interface

Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition and Virtual Guitarist 2 are sold, distributed and supported by Steinberg.

© Sven Bornemark 2001-2007

Listen to an example:
"Futura" by Lars Westin

"Virtual Guitarist feels like great news in the world of software instruments and can be warmly recommended to any non guitar-playing musician who wants to add guitars to his/her music".
Carl Dahlberg, MusikerMagasinet July 2002

"With Virtual Guitarist, you can really speak about a successful innovation".
Matthias Sauer, Keys Aug 2002

"One great strength with Virtual Guitarist is the fact that I can make it sound very good very quickly, compared to recording a guitar myself".
Mats Nermark, Fuzz Sep 2002

"A refined mix of sample player and chord automation that can be used with remarkable flexibility".
Harald Wingerter, Keyboards Oct 2002

"In the context of a backing track, I don't think many people would twig that Virtual Guitarist wasn't a conventional recording of a real player".
Paul White, Sound On Sound Dec 2002

“Every so often, something so innovative comes along that it drastically changes the way you work. Virtual Guitarist falls squarely into that category”.
Nathan Rosenberg, Recording Magazine Dec 2003