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Demo Movie available!
We now have a movie available to show you what Broomstick Bass can do for you and your music.
See with your own eyes why the users and reviewers are jumping up and down with excitement over Broomstick Bass:

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Some review clippings writes "Broomstick Bass is not only a Virtual Bassist but also an Instrument Collection, and it has a lot of extras like the Drum Metronome and DSP.
All in all I would highly recommend Broomstick Bass." Full review here.

In EQ 03/2005 Craig Anderton says "...BB is a cool little bass instrument thanks to the well-recorded (and often velocity-switched) samples". Full review here.

"BB is a combined sound module and auto bass player plugin - and a very successful one too", says Mats Grundberg in MM 03/2005.

Computer Music says (issue 12/2004): "The sounds are good and there's the added bonus that you can play each bass as a virtual instrument. Not bad at all".

Martin Mårtensson Bauer in Studio 01/2005: "The auto mode is extremely inspiring - like having a good bass player by your side, full of new ideas and with no prestige to maintain".

Sampled basses
  Cool Auto patterns
  Chord recognition
  Built-in DSP
  Compact format
  Easy to use
  Expansion Gift Packs

First Virtual Guitarist. Then Groove Agent.


main interface main interface DSP and settings interface
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